Faith, the heroine
Faith, the heroine

Developer DICE has confirmed the date of release for the long awaited sequel of Mirror’s Edge is in early 2016. During a presentation of financial earnings by publisher Electronic Arts, the title is listed in the release date for first quarter of 2016. Not only that, the game is slated for consoles and PC platforms too.

The developer announced that the game will be for next generation of consoles meaning PS4, Xbox One and PC. They are also promising that the game will “reboot the franchise for the next generation,” and will come up with new origin story for Faith, the heroine of the story.

Last year during E3, EA and DICE talks about their push to focus on the “building blocks” of her and working with real parkour artists to make sure her movement is legit.

I wanted to let you know that the game is progressing nicely and I think you’re going to love it, I know many of you probably wish we would show more of the game, but we’re still pretty early in development and our passionate core Mirror’s Edge team is working full on to make the best game possible” said senior producer Sara Jansson last year.

The highly acclaimed game launched in 2009 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Besides this, DICE is working on few titles such as Star Wars Battlefront which scheduled for release later this year and a possible new chapter of Battlefield in fourth quarter of 2016.

Via Polygon & Official Site

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