You heard it right, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has just been reported to be delayed from its initial early 2016 release.

The game, which was originally revealed at E3 2014, was slated for a 23 February 2016 release date but has been pushed to 24 May instead. DICE gave the reason for the push was because they needed more time to perfect the world.

Since the inherent success of the original Mirror’s Edge, its no surprise they want to make the game as good as possible. This is with lots of emphasis on the open world and the vast landscape that comes with it.

One would also note that 23 February is also the date that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Far Cry Primal are supposed to hit as well.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is less of a sequel and more of a prequel to the first game, with it focusing more on what makes the protagonist Faith, well, herself we suppose. They won’t be skimping on the fast-paced first person parkour action so you won’t be short of any excitement.