monster hunter online

Capcom‘s Monster Hunter Online is finally heading towards open beta, to begin 17 December 2015. The MMO has been out for a few years already as it was undergoing testing in China, but this means it won’t be long till we get to enjoy localised versions of the game!

Coming with the open beta there will be new content, commercial commission (where you hunt special monsters for quests), new weapons and armor on top of a brand new team race mode and new monsters. They’ve even brought back the extremely hard mode for those skilled hunters who wants a challenge.

However, the entirety of the UI is in Chinese and there isn’t an English patch thus far so if you’re not familiar with the language it might be unplayable till someone produces a patch or it gets localised. Monster Hunter Online is totally free to play though, and features a cash shop so it pretty much runs on the freemium model. To top it off, there is no region lock for the game so if you’re willing to brave the UI, you can essentially play it from any country.

If you want to test it out for yourself, you can head over here for instructions on how to install the game client.