That’s right, Capcom finally has a date for Monster Hunter: World to hit the PC.

With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version to launch worldwide on 26 January, the PC version of the game is set to be released this fall and will receive free updates including new monsters.

It will be available in both a Digital Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition, where the former will come with the Samurai Set armor, three extra gestures, an additional hairstyle, face paint, and two extra sticker sets.

The Collector’s Edition, on the other hand, will have all of the above, on top of a Nergigante figure, a “Monster Designs” art book as well as a download code for the game’s soundtrack.

Anyone who pre-orders the game will get a download code for the Origin Armor set and a Fair Wind Charm. Those who snag the game via digital pre-order will get an exclusive PS4 theme.

Monster Hunter: World will be an open world game in a similar vein as Capcom’s previous titles, but will feature a “living ecosystem” that allows players to use and destroy bits of it and use monster behaviour to their advantage. One big change to note is that due to the game’s lack of loading screens in between areas, players can’t use load screens to run away to safety.

Either way, we’ll be looking forward to trying the game ourselves when it’s out later this year.