Chicken RIce burger Singapore

While the hype surrounding the Nasi Lemak burger is slowly winding down, looks like we won’t be seeing the end of local-food inspired burgers anytime soon. This time, the ever favourite chicken rice is the target of burgerisation and once again, you can thank Singapore for it.

This time, however, it isn’t some major fast food chain that’s touting it, but a delivery-only service that specialises in chicken rice called Makcik Chicken started by the husband and wife team of Saldriana Idris and Haziq Yusoff.

Their chicken rice burger, or Makcik Burger as they call it, has a sous vide chicken thigh topped with shredded cucumber, tomato, garlic and hanjuku egg sauce. It’s then wrapped in two rice patties made of Japanese short grain rice cooked with chicken stock, ginger garlic and pandan leaves.

And like every burger dish, it must come with sides and the set includes two side dishes — a house-made coleslaw and mashed potato.

“We experimented with different sauces, with different patties and different methods of cooking the chicken,” according to Haziq. It was after a further “seven or eight taste tests”, that the Makcik chicken burger was created.

The burger is priced at SGD$9.50 and isn’t part of their regular delivery menu. Instead, it’s only available at pop-up events. Haziq says this is to maintain it as an exclusive dish and not a regular thing.

Exclusive or not, now that the burger itself has gotten quite a bit of attention, it wouldn’t be too long till other copies of it will start appearing, not only in Singapore but across the causeway in Malaysia as well.

For now, though, the only way you’ll get this chicken rice burger is in Singapore and at certain pop-up events and the next time you’ll see it is at the National Museum of Singapore Festival 2017 on August 9.

Photo by Makcik Chicken