Snorlax has a new contender for the huggiest of Pokemon, with this extra-large Ditto pillow which will be on sale at Pokemon Centers starting next week.

Pink and squishy like it’s namesake, the giant plush looks great to just lie around with. Measuring in at 25.5 inches tall, it’s twice the height of an actual ditto (according to the Pokedex anyway).

ditto pillow_2

When fully stretched out, the pillow is about 2 feet across.

ditto pillow_1

If you can’t snag the pillow from a Pokecenter, you can buy it from their online store too! It will set you back a good USD$129.99 (about RM575, yikes!) when it launches 6 August this year but it’d be worth it for all the comfy squishings.