New UI for Yahoo Firefox design
New UI for Yahoo Firefox design
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The change also signifies a new improved look in Firefox’s user interface, such as clean and streamlined design similar to Google search results.

Firefox users in Russia and China will not be affected by this change — the Chinese version main search engine will still be Baidu and Russians will settle with Yandex Search.

If users still prefer Google over Yahoo!, no need to fret as it is available as an option.

Mozilla Firefox also announced DNT (Do Not Track).  Under this function, users can decide if personal information can be collected and used online or not. Additionally, a private browsing mode will be incorporated, where user’s history will be not recorded during a browsing session. Lastly, a Forget Button which allows user to delete a website from his/her browsing history will also be a standard feature.

Via TechCrunch and Mozilla Firefox
Image credit Mozilla Firefox and TechCrunch