MSI recently revamped their full notebook range with Intel’s 6th gen Skylake processors and has brought some new exclusives, including a collaboration with Blizzard for some sweet gaming machines.

The event saw the launch a whole bunch of new notebooks, with three coming from MSI and Blizzard’s collaboration for limited edition gaming notebooks. Skylake as a whole reuires lower power than previous generations of processors and has higher performance.

The notebooks, are none other than the GT72 Dominator Pro G, GS70 Stealth Series, GS60 Ghost Series, GE72 Apache Pro Series and GE63 Apache Pro Series. As for the limited edition notebooks, we have the MSI GT80 Heroes Edition, MSI GT72 Heroes Edition and GE62 Heroes Edition.

The Heroes edition laptops feature the latest 6th gen Intel Core i7 Skylake processors as well as special decals featuring Blizzard’s iconic characters from Heroes of the Storm. Otherwise, they are similar to their counterparts with the same model name.

On top of that, this is their first series to feature the ESS Sabre HiFi Audio DAC for lossless audio quality. This tech is good for those who like their music as well as those who are into gameplay streaming; getting clarity where they need it the most. The notebooks also feature Steelseries keyboards inbuilt for top of the line response time.

You can check some of them out in the gallery below or head on over to their official website for more indepth details.