plague inc

Plague Inc. , the game that has you destroy humanity with a epidemic of your design, will now support multiplayer so you’re not longer the only virus on the block.

To sum it up, Plague Inc. was developed by Ndemic Creations as a mobile game which was released in 2012. Since then it has traveled to the PC in the form of Plague Inc. Evolved. Now the devs have made available multiplayer capabilities; so players now have to compete to “kill all the humans” while aggressively blocking rival’s diseases to ensure the success of their own.

Creator James Vaughan states that single player was just the start of the outbreak. “Players get all new evolutions, abilities and genes to help them in their struggle for dominance as well as slowing their opponent,”

Possible strategies include sending infected humans to other countries, helping humanity along to develop cures against rival diseases or just plain trying to be the biggest and fastest bug around.

Plague Inc. is still available on mobile as well as the Xbox One and PC platforms. No word if multiplayer will be a thing for mobile but an Xbox version is quite possible. You can check out the game here.