The spiritual successor to My Little Pony : Fighting Is Magic is here, and they need your help and funding!

Years ago, a bunch of My Little Pony fans banded together to create the fighting game My Little Pony : Fighting Is Magic (FIM for short). But the project was ultimately shot down by Hasbro for IP related infringement and claims that the game was too violent, which seems to be the fate of most fan made games.

In light of the incident, show creator Lauren Faust stepped in with an original concept for the team to make a similar but not-entirely-the-same fighting game and that’s how Them’s Fightin’ Herds was born.

The original FIM game was made to be free fan game and was quite far into its development before they got the cease and desist but Mane6 not only got to work with their favorite show creator but stand to make the game much more than it could have possibly been in its first incarnation.

The game pretty much takes place in a world that many My Little Pony fans would find somewhat familiar. The world of Foenum is inhabited by a variety of (adorable) four-legged creatures which have enjoyed peace since they banished all the predators away. Now the predators are back and they’re hungry, so representatives from each of the world’s herds have come forth for a tournament to earn the right to seal them baddies away for good.

Them’s Fightin’ Herds is currently running an active Indiegogo campaign that launched earlier yesterday and is looking like a fine fighting game with the same production quality of its predecessor. The game itself runs off the engine from Skullgirls so everything is pretty smooth. They even have a dynamic music system that changes depending on how the battle moves along.

Check it out for yourself.

The project is looking for about $436,000 dollars but it is almost at the 100k mark so we’re quite confident this project is going to get the funding it needs and then some.

You can check out campaign here, go give it some love!

via IndieGogo, Kotaku