Despite Naruto’s own saga of manga and anime is over and he’s only present in the Boruto spin-off series, it sounds like author Masashi Kishimoto wouldn’t mind if another Naruto character got killed off.

Kishimoto isn’t involved in the Boruto manga or anime, but he does have a few things to say about it as a whole, in a recent Jump interview.

“I think it’s okay if it [Boruto] isn’t really bound to Naruto. The time period is different and because various original elements are mixed in with the setting… I think I’d like it done with freedom. Because it’s Naruto, I think it’s also okay if this character that’s always been around died [in Boruto].”

This doesn’t bode too well given there’s been speculation that Naruto will die, though in the interview we’re pretty sure it’s referring to the entire series, not the titular character.
Kishimoto also added:
“Having the character gain weight or trying to lose it would also things that could be played with for Boruto.”  

Which pretty much means that Boruto can become more interesting if it were to separate away from its parent series to become its own thing. But it didn’t end there, with the author saying that “it would be somewhat of a problem if the character was shot with a stray bullet or died in an explosion.”.

We’re not entirely sure what this bodes for the series, but if they do in fact kill off a character we hope that at the very least, their death will be classy. Any idea who it might be? leave your speculations in the comments!