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Legendary Ukrainian e-sports team Na’vi has announced the dissolution of their current DOTA 2 squad after a string of disappointing performances this year. The team’s TI5 performance this year was pretty disappointing and they also failed to qualify for the upcoming Frankfurt Major tournament. This had prompted the management to make this major decision.

Seen at their website
Seen at their website

Igor Sydorenko, the CEO of Na’vi confirmed the news and gave the following statement.

After the protracted series of failures of our team, we have to take measures and with hard feelings fully disband the squad. On behalf of all the fans and Na`Vi staff I express gratitude to the guys for their work and emotions, which they’ve granted to us all the time. However, sooner or later, the time of old heroes passes. The fate gives us new challenges, which we need to accept and prove that Na`Vi is a team of champions.”

The disbanded DOTA 2 squad roster consisted of Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, SoNNeikO and PSM.

Na’vi was one of the major forces in DOTA league since Valve started The International back in 2011. They were the first winners of, what is now a massive tournament, and placed runner up in the subsequent 2012 and 2013 editions.

This isn’t the end for Team Na’Vi. According to Sydorenko, a new team is being formed and they will be announcing a new line-up to their DOTA squad, including as, he puts it, a “re-emergence of some familiar faces in the scene”. Whether or not some of the current squad members will be retained has yet to be confirmed. All we know is that Na’Vi will be pushing out news of it in the coming weeks, so we should all stay tuned.