Most people have a hard time choosing the perfect gift for their loved ones at Christmas but if you need to get a gift for a geek then you’ve got it made! With just a little observation you’ll be able to identify the genus of geek that you are dealing with very quickly and purchase appropriately.

If you they spend all their free time on the PC or console playing games, then our Gamer Gift Guide has got you covered!

If, however, you notice that they usually have their nose in a comic book or re-watch Marvel movies, then you are sure to find something in our Comic Book Fan gift guide.

Funko Figures

Funko Comic Fan gift guide 2015

No matter what their allegiance (Marvel or DC comics) you should be able to find a Funko Pop! or Vinyl figure to meet anyone’s interest. Even outside of comics, Funko seem to be on a mission to replicate every single pop culture character imaginable in cute plastic form.

Comics fans should be more than satisfied with a cute Catwoman figure from the 1966 Batman TV show, a more modern Funko Batman, a Howard the Duck from the recent Guardians of the Galaxy film, or with a statue of The Flash from the current TV show. There are literally thousands available but if by some chance you can’t find the character you’re looking for, you can always recreate your favourite hero or heroine (or create a new one) using a blank male or female Funko figure!

They even come in keychain form!

Price: Around RM30 each for the keychain versions and RM50 and above for the larger figures depending on scarcity.

Where to get it: Any good comic book store should at least have a few,,,