Yeap, you read that right. The once thought to be the next big deal in the Sci-Fi/Horror genre, Neill Blomkamp is releasing a series of shorts on STEAM. Not Netflix, not Amazon, not Hulu, not YouTube. Steam! 

Neill Blomkamp’s first feature film, District 9, is one of the best Sci-Fi movies of this era. He was billed by many as the next Ridley Scott. However, just like Shyamalan and The Wachowskis, Blomkamp released a couple of misfires – Elysium and Chappie – and his career has only gone downhill from there, with no major projects under his name since 2015.

Now, Blomkamp is back with a bizarre new project called Oats Studios Volume 1. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Fun fact: Oats Studios Volume 1 doesn’t even have an IMDb page. Don’t get me wrong. You don’t need an IMDb page to be legit. But isn’t it peculiar that a project lead by a world famous director doesn’t have an IMDb page?

With that said, the teaser trailer does look intriguing. It looks like Neill Blomkamp’s new project will contain everything you love about alien invasion stories. There isn’t much information about this project yet, except that it is said to be streaming “soon.”

While this is a weird project set to be released on an even weirder platform, it still has me all sorts of curious. Can’t wait!