People are pretty crazy over Neko Atsume (or Cat Collector if you follow the english release) which is a simple, cute smartphone app that took the world by storm last year. As such, the world’s first Neko Atsume pop up store is hitting Hong Kong for a limited time.

For those who haven’t seen it, the game is basically centered around laying out toys and other fun stuff to attract the neighboorhood’s cats; which will leave gifts for you if they visit your back yard often enough. The gameplay is fairly addictive, as you don’t know what cat will show up, being the adorable recently added winter-themed rare cat or seeing Mr. Tubbs eat all your catfood.


So this official store is set to scratch the itch for those fans who want physical goods of their fave cats, and the store layout will be modeled after the garden featured in the game, so you can take photos if you want.


So far some of the items being sold are pillows, mugs and badges (they likely are more varieties of goodies) much in the vein of the merch that LINE makes for their characters. The bad news is, that the store will only be open til 17 February 2016, so if you know someone heading over to Hong Kong, you might want them to go check it out at this location.

Nekoatsume POP-UP STORE in Hong Kong

Shop Nos. 03 & 05 11 on Level 9, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

So what do you think of the official merch? let us know in the comments. Also, gallery below!