Kingsman The Secret Service

Warner Bros = DC Comics, Disney = Marvel and now Netflix = Millarworld. While many of you might recognise both DC Comics and Marvel, some of you might be a bit confused as to who or what Millarworld is. However, this latest purchase by Netflix can be deemed pretty major.

But first what exactly is Millarworld? It’s a comic book publishing house that was started by Mark Millar, one of comic-doms well-known scribe and creator. His name sounds familiar? It should as you’ve already seen a couple of his creations on the big screen.

Kick-Ass, Wanted and KingsmanAll three are movies that were based on the comics he created. And now, Netflix has the rights to the rest of his creations. This would include his other comics that have yet to be made into movies including Nemesis, Superior, Super Crooks and much more.

With the purchase, it looks like Netflix is also entering the comic book publishing business as Millarworld would still exist, with Mark Millar and team to continue publishing new stories and comics.

According to Netflix’s press release, the purchase is part of the company’s efforts to “acquire intellectual property and ownership of stories featuring compelling characters.” Considering the popularity of comic adaptations these days, it’s no surprise that the streaming service would be looking to have their own stable of comics to adapt into Netflix Originals.

Aside from the announcement of the purchase, no other details were announced though, including how much was paid to acquire Millarworld.

This purchase could be great news for comic fans considering the quality of most of the Netflix Originals comic adaptations (Iron Fist aside).