The funniest part of this Bright trailer came when large words in bold read: From the director of Suicide Squad. I thought trailers are supposed to get people excited for a movie?

Jokes aside, David Ayer has made some pretty good movies in the past. End of Watch and Fury comes to mind. He also penned the brilliant crime-thriller, Training Day. Despite some of his major letdowns like Sabotage and Suicide Squad, there’s no denying David Ayer’s talent. Now, he, just like Martin Scorsese has decided to take the unconventional approach and release his latest film, Bright, not in theaters, but on Netflix.

Here’s the trailer:

What can I say? It looks pretty damn exciting. The part where he bashes a pixie (Harry Potter knowledge tells me it’s a Pixie) stands out in particular. Pixie bashing aside, Bright, starring Will Smith, looks to be a crazy fun movie rich in weird characters. I can’t wait!

Bright will be released on Netflix in December 2017.