Netflix has big, big plans coming, what with the company intending to push a gigantic amount of cash into developing and producing original content next year.

The streaming service is going to be pushing a whopping $8 billion USD into new films and series, and it plans to lock down ownership of its own entertainment.

Its imperative that Netflix takes a stronghold of its future, with Disney and other such franchises moving content into “closed garden ecosystems” where the carrier has full control over all the content.

Netflix’s goal however, is to have a library containing 50 percent original TV and film content by the end of next year, and they’re already well on their way there with 30 new anime series and 80 new original films already slated for a 2018 release window.

Netflix has already debuted their very first original anime series, Neo Yokio, and the brand has already had much success in licensing Japanese-only productions and bringing them to the Western audiences, with shows like Knights of Sidonia and Ajin: Demi-Human.

Can’t wait to see what else Netflix has up its sleeve though, cause more original content means more shows for us, and it can only mean good stuff in the long run.