zelda25So it seems Netflix will be making one of the most video game series of all time into a TV series. Fans worldwide know the Nintendo classic and it’s newer incarnations of Legend of Zelda (LoZ) to be mostly about it’s Hyrulean hero Link and his various adventures throughout the fantasy world of Hyrule, and a lot of other places too, if the spinoffs are to be considered wholly canon. Nintendo has thus far released about 20 games in the series thus far.

Netflix is apparently in the early stages of developing the live action series, with the streaming service describing it as a ‘Game of Thrones‘ for a family audience. Previously in 1989 an animated Legend of Zelda series ran but for only one season, and Nintendo has been very protective of their IPs and has allowed very few animated and movie adaptations over the years.

Only time will tell which continuity they are going to follow for the series, on one hand we are hoping for an Ocarina of Time type storyline but also would love to see where they might be going with this as LoZ has never been adapted into live action.

As of the moment Netflix says it’s working closely with Nintendo on the series and they are still looking for a writer to work on it. There’s no word yet on whether or not it’s really going to happen as it is, and Netflix might very well nix the project way before it’s ready but we can only hope that if and when it’s completed, that it won’t be as huge a flop as the Super Mario bros movie.


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