iflix vs netflix anime

With Netflix launched worldwide including here in Malaysia, many of us would think that we’d be getting the same catalogue that’s available in the US here in Malaysia as well. We were quick to dispel that line of thinking pretty quickly but that’s not to say that Netflix doesn’t have some great shows and titles on it.

We however are more concerned about specific shows available on the service and being massive otaku, anime is of course one of the first things we checked out on Netflix. Considering that iflix, which jumped into the video streaming service game earlier here in the region, had a pretty decent catalogue of anime, Netflix should at least be equally good right? Well we came up with a table of what both services offered and you can see for yourself.


Netflix vs iflix anime

As you can see, the choice for anime on Netflix Malaysia is woefully limited. With the exception of Soul Eater and Digimon Fusion, there really isn’t much to entice an otaku to the service. What’s more, it’s not like Soul Eater is particularly new. iflix however, has a pretty decent choice with the popular Psycho-Pass and Attack on Titan on the catalogue.

Of course both offerings are nothing in contrast with what Netflix US’ anime catalogue offers. As you’ll see in the table we made it has a collection of anime titles in there. So many that for the sake of not making the table TOO big, we decided to just lump some of them into single titles, like instead of Naruto, Naruto Shippuden all getting their own entries, we just placed them all under Naruto.

For an otaku looking for a legit way of watching anime, Netflix, or at least Netflix Malaysia for now, isn’t exactly the best choice. They have still some pretty decent shows but if your sole aim is to get the service for its catalogue of anime titles, we’ll say hold off a bit.

Considering the starting price of RM33 a month, it’s a pretty big investment for so little titles. iflix however, has a good range of titles and from what we know, more will be added on. And when you throw in a pretty low price of RM10 a month for subscription, it’s pretty hard to beat. The only drawback is iflix’s lack of HD streaming, at least for now.

That’s not to say that you should discount Netflix entirely though as we’re pretty sure that those titles you see in the US catalogue will eventually hit our Malaysian shores. When they do so, we’ll be sure to update you, but for now, if you’re going to choose a streaming service based on the number of anime it has, you might want to give Netflix a miss.

So what other categories would you like us to compare? Give us a shout over in our comments section.