Netflix, known for producing and airing a wide variety of content, apparently wants to eventually produce anime.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings mentioned in an interview with The New York Times that he is “hopeful” that Netflix will “make a great anime show”. The service already has a huge handful of original material so its no great surprise they want to produce more unique programming; they’ve already planned to spend US$5 billion in 2016 for that alone.

They’ve also stated that they are interested in producing Bollywood programming as well. Seems they really want to cover all the bases.

As it is, Netflix has already premiered both seasons of Knights of Sidonia after Netflix officially debuted in Japan in September. Following this they will premiere the Ajin-Demi-Human series three days after its Japanese debut in January.

On top of that, Netflix is already streaming The Seven Deadly Sins and plans to begin streaming Glitter Force (Smile Precure!) starting 18 December. No idea when the service will be available in our country yet but at least we have iFlix.

You can find out more in the video below, as they talk about the future of TV.