Doc Brown is back in this Back to the Future short film

We’re not too far away from that bright idealised future with hoverboards and flying cars we saw in Back to the Future, and so far we’ve only come close to the hoverboards but not much else. So why is our future different? They have a short film to explain all that!

On 21 October, 2015 Doc Brown, Marty and Jennifer to save well, Marty’s family’s future. In this new short-film starring Christopher Lloyd “Doc Brown Saves the World” is going to explain why our future ended up a little different than what we saw in the movie.

To be launched on what has been christened as Back to the Future day, the special 30th anniversary Blu-Ray/DVD release will come on 21 October and will feature said short film with the original three movies.  There is also a new documentary named Back in Time which is about the film’s production and cultural impact on the world at large is set for the same release date as well.

The trailer doesn’t really let on much, but Doc Brown arrives in the future with the DeLorean in a modern lab where he proceeds to start looking around frantically with his signature “Great Scott” expression. This is followed by the movie’s iconic score and probably the biggest cliffhanger in movie history.

In the mean time maybe you can check out the cool Flux Capacitor Box Set that’s also due next month, while we lament the absence of proper hoverboards and those self lacing shoes Nike promised us.