This new behind the scenes video for Dead Rising 4 has some brand new gameplay footage for us, including that of new weapons and deadly new enemies to splatter.

Frank West is back for another game, also taking place in the game’s original setting of Willamette , right smack during Christmas shopping season.

Apart from your standard zombies are now the Freshly Infected. They’re tough, super fast and sport glowing red eyes. Then there are the Evo, which are far smarter than your average zombie and are capable of dodging your blows and using the environment as cover.

As for weapons, we get to see Frank in his upgradeable exosuit again, which allows you to rip things out of the ground (like parking meters) to use as weapons. If you can pick it up, you can weaponise it. Or maybe stick it to the exosuit and make a Slurpee cannon. Your choice.

That and there’s medieval axes, a fireworks crossbow and a firebreathing Triceratops head to roast zombies with. Fun times ahead!

Dead Rising 4 comes 6 December for the PC and Xbox One.