pokemon go

The Pokemon Company has dropped more details on their official Pokemon Go page with new images of the much awaited mobile game.

Granted they’re still keeping mum on the release date, they’ve commented that Pokemon Go will interact with real world surroundings much like in Niantic Labs’ Ingress.

Certain notable areas, like monuments and buildings will be identified as PokeStops, and when you’re nearby a catchable Pokemon, the your device will vibrate to alert you. As for catching the critters, you throw Pokeballs by tapping on your screen, and they’ve hinted that certain types can be found in supporting “habitats” like you’ll find water types near bodies of water for example.

Catching Pokemon in turn allows you to level up, which allows you to find and catch even rarer Pokemon. Players can then join up with one of three teams to take on Gyms (which, like Pokestops are centered around places of interest) to claim ownership of these spots by defeating a Pokemon at the gym, or claiming it with one of their own.

A video also surfaced a bit back detailing the gameplay at SXSW gaming.

No idea when we’ll finally get to try this game (trust us, we’re pretty excited) but a handful of Japanese Pokemon fans are already getting to beta test the app as its running a field test right now.