Dragon Ball Super is going to have a “Future Trunks Arc” and they’ve just dropped some visuals and a teaser for the upcoming episodes.

The news came via the show’s official twitter account and the arc will begin on the show’s 47th episode, coming 12 June. The episode is titled “SOS From the Future! A Black Enemy Revels Himself” and will start in a future free from the Android’s domination.

Here Trunks has to defend himself from a man named “Black” who is so powerful that Trunks couldn’t defeat him in Super Saiyan form. Bulma resolves to make a time machine and travel to the past to get Goku and Vegeta for help.


The arc will see brand new characters just for this, including Future Trunks (pictured above), with the arc following right behind the “God of Destruction Champa” arc.

Dragon Ball Super premiered July 2015 on Fuji TV and has been running strong since. They’re also working on an English language version of the show to hit screens in Southeast Asia and India sometime mid-2016, which isn’t too far off.