Far Cry Primal takes the franchise back to the Stone Age, replacing the guns with spears and one man’s quest to save his tribe from extinction.

The trailer focuses on Takkar, the main character  you will be playing as in the game. From the beautiful but dangerous land of Oroz, Takkar is one of the Wenja, one of a few left of the tribe who suffered massive casualties following an attack by the rival Udam tribe.

Now Takkar need to master the beasts of Oros while he attempts to reunite the remnants of the Wenja people and defend them against the Udam and Izila tribes. This means we can have woolly mammoths and sabertooth tigers as companion animals!

Ubisoft also released a video focusing on the languages and characters in Far Cry Primal, explaining that Takkar progresses through the game by exploring Oros and freeing surviving members of the Wenja. In the main story missions he will encounter characters who can provide him with new tools, weapons and skills.

As for how they came up with the unique languages in the game, Ubisoft teamed up with two language professors from the University of Kentucky to come up with a primitive version of the Proto-Indo-European language for Primal.

Proto-Indo-European is the linguistic forbear of some languages like Latin and Sanskrit, as well as modern lingos like English and Russian.

Far Cry Primal is set to hit 23 February on the PS4 and Xbox One while PC gamers will have to wait till 1 March 2016.