Gundam Thunderbolt

A new promo video is out for the first episode for Yasuo Ohtagaki’s Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt anime adaptation. Check it out here!

Gundam Thunderbolt is a departure from the previous anime series where they portray the far grittier side of the franchise; so you will find no “kids” here. The anime will have a grand total of four episodes with the first one being available digitally on 25 December in Japan.

This episode will have a Electronic Sell Through service that allows purchasers to download the episode. It will just cost you 500 yen (about RM 17) which will come with a 10 minute long documentary called “Ichinen Sensō ni Idonda Mono-tachi ~Documentary of Thunderbolt #1” (Those Who Challenged the One-Year War ~Documentary of Thunderbolt~ #1).

Gundam Thunderbolt is set in the same One Year War in UC 0079 as the first Mobile Suit Gundam anime . It follows the battles of two ace pilots ( MS Pilot Io Flemming and Zeon sniper Daryl Lorenz) at the “Thunderbolt Sector” a shoal zone full of space wreckage. So no kids here, just gritty storytelling while the big boys duke it out.

They previously also revealed the character designs for the two pilots, Io Fleming and Daryl Lorentz, which you will see below:


Daryl Lorentz
Io Fleming

The episode apparently will also be available via rental-video-on-demand for 250 yen (about RM 8) but have yet to reveal whether it will have English subbing or dubbing; as well as where it will be available.