A new image of Rita Repulsa and a poster detailing some of the Zords from the upcoming Power Rangers movie has surfaced, check them out here.

The poster details the five Zords standing in the fog, ready for battle. It does focus more on the Yellow Ranger’s Sabertooth Tiger Battle Zord, with the rest more obscured. The Red Ranger and Pink Ranger’s Zords are a little more visible than the rest.

power rangers reboot_newimage_3

There’s also a new image of Rita Repulsa looking rather smug, as you’ve probably already seen on the top.

The cast has none other than Dacre Montgomery as Jason, RJ Cyler as Billy, Naomi Scott as Kimberly, Becky G as Trini and Ludi Lin as Zack, with Bryan Cranston as Zordon.

The Power Rangers reboot will be hitting the cinemas 24 March 2017.