Macross Δ (Delta) has been confirmed by Satelight and a live press conference with Shoji Kawamori leading the talk will be held at 12:00 Japan Time on 29 October this year.

Here we have the first visual key and revelation of series logo, though at this point it is nothing much to look at. The logo however carries the Delta motif very prominently.

The official site also announced that the winner of the Macross Δ idol singer will be announced during the live press conference after exhaustive search drew over 8000 people applying for the honour. The winner will also get to voice the main female lead in the new Macross series just like Frontier. 

This is 3000 more people signing up than the application for Macross Frontier in 2007 which eventually won by Megumi Nakajima. She also stars as Ranka Lee in the anime series and 5000 more than people who tries to auditioned for Miss Macross 30 back in 2012.

Satelight promised more details about the series will be revealed during the live press conference next month. So stay tuned for more!