Gamut, the hyper aggressive herbivore
Gamut, the hyper aggressive herbivore

More features of Monster Hunter X  have been unveiled in the latest issue of Famitsu.

Besides the flashy special attacks called “Hunting Arts”, players have a new concept to master. Now the game allows player(s) to customize their approach to kill the huge beasties with the feature called “Hunting Style”. Here are four of them.

Guild Style: a well-balanced and basic Hunting Style. This is the closest to how one played in the old Monster Hunter titles.

Striker Style: an offensive-minded Style that specializes in Hunting Arts. While this style is not very technical, it will allow the player to set up to three Hunting Arts.

Aerial Style:  This allows player to freely attack in mid-air. This is done by using the monster as a platform to pull off a special jump attack.

Bushido Style: Allows player to evade monster attacks for a chance to perform powerful counterattacks. It can switch a dangerous moment into an opportunity at a stroke, but only seasoned, experienced players might want to try this.


So far, the confirmed new monsters in this title are the wyvern owl look-alike called the Hororo-Horuru that is able emit sound wave attacks and use its claws to attack enemies from above while its skin scales can produce gas that puts hunters to sleep. Its sound wave attacks can render player into “Pinch” status, which we do not know what exactly it means in the game mechanics yet.  Another one is an aggressive herbivore called the Gamut that able to hurl rocks with precision and use its body to smash players into ground. Not forgetting its lovely trunks can do some damage too.

Capcom also released few gameplay videos of the game which you can watch here:

via GoNintendo & Etsuteru

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