That’s right, Niantic has confirmed that new Pokemon are coming to their massively popular AR game this month, on top of making transferring Pokemon to Professor Willow a lot easier.

Currently, transferring your Pokemon to Professor Willow needs to be done one by one and that is extremely tedious. Now you’ll be able to “transfer” those heaps of Pidgeys to Willow in batches for those gorgeous piles of candy.

This is following news of Sprint partnering up with Pokemon Go, and the leaked memo to Starbucks that leaked recently. Sprint will be added up to 10,500 PokeStops and gyms across the US, but unfortunately that’s not a telco we have here.

As for the rumour that new Pokemon are coming on 12 December, Niantic has confirmed this, so hang on to your hats, looks like w could be getting those second gen Pokemon a lot sooner than we expected.