There’s a brand new video from the official Pokemon YouTube channel and it shows off not only some new Alolan variant Pokemon but Team Skull, the ruffians of the region.

Team Skull is pretty much the Team Rocket/Team Magma/Team-whatever-have-you that you will be facing off in the two games.

Members include the pink and yellow pigtailed Plumeri and blinged out Guzma, which can be seen in the video. Not forgetting the skull motive’d grunts of course.

The video also details some brand new Pokemon, as well as the Alolan take on some old ones. Raichu gets the surfer treatment and becomes Electric/Psychic type, Meowth becomes Dark type and Marowak becomes a Fire/Ghost type pokemon.

The new Pokemon on the other hand are Nemashu, an adorable mushroom shaped Fairy/Grass pokemon and Yowashi, a fishy Water Pokemon that has both a solo and school form. Last but not least is Namakobushi, a Water type pokemon that looks like a cross between a sea cucumber and a Rabite.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will debut 18 November, with a manga adaptation of the game to roll around this September in Shogukakan’s Coro Coro Comics October issue.