During D23, Disney handed out the official movie poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens as drawn by the famous artist Drew Struzan. But they were more than just simple freebies.

Here’s how it looks like:

What is surprising and perhaps controversial for some fans, the poster features John Boyega’s character, Finn wielding a blue coloured lightsaber instead of the widely expected Rey (Daisy Ridley). The lightsaber is strongly rumoured  to be Luke Skywalker’s old weapon and it is widely seen as a key item in Force Awakens plot.

Perhaps this movie is about the journey of the unlikely Finn to be a Jedi? It did suggest that he is Force Sensitive. The appearance of Han Solo on the poster hints a heavy presence of the hero in relation to the main duo but in what way, we have no idea yet. The most persistent rumour is the main female lead is most likely his own daughter. But fans are disappointed that iconic characters like Luke and Leia are not featured in the poster.

On the other related news, Colin Treverow (Jurassic World) is confirmed by Lucasfilm as the director of Star Wars Episode 9 at D23. His reaction to the news, “This is not a job or an assignment. It is a seat at a campfire, surrounded by an extraordinary group of storytellers, filmmakers, artists and craftspeople. We’ve been charged with telling new stories for a younger generation because they deserve what we all had—a mythology to call their own. We will do this by channeling something George Lucas instilled in all of us: boundless creativity, pure invention and hope.”

Star Wars Episode 8 will be under the directing hands of Rian Johnson (Looper) which is set for release in May 2017 whereas Episode 9 is set for 2019.

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