A new trailer for the very much hyped Power Rangers reboot has surfaced and it gives us a good look at a lot of new stuff. Trailer inside!

The previous trailers gave us all a glimpse of the story to come, about a bunch of teens seemingly gaining alien suits, super strength and meeting a very, very different Rita Repulsa somewhere in between. The new trailer not only gives us a look at Zordon (!), but also new footage, Alpha and of course the Zords.

We even see what seems to be Goldar, as well as the Megazord.The icing on the cake? the Power Rangers riff at the end!

We’ll let the trailer do the rest of the talking:

The cast features Dacre Montgomery as Jason, RJ Cyler as Billy, Naomi Scott as Kimberly, Becky G as Trini and Ludi Lin as Zack, Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa with Bryan Cranston as Zordon.

Power Rangers comes out 24 March.