Marvel is not very certain of Ant-Man will be a success story in the box office so they have summoned some of the more famous superheroes to back Ant-Man up in the latest promo campaign. This could possibly mean a tie-in to the upcoming Civil War movie too.

Here is the new series of posters featuring the tiny hero appearing alongside iconic imagery of the heroes from Avengers team – Captain America’s shield, Thor’s Mjolnir and Iron Man’s suit. Of course, the tagline is “No Shield, No Armor, No Problem” and of course a subtle reminder that this is the same guys who brought Avengers too.


We can speculate that Marvel is not too confident that the tiny hero will appeal to the cinema goers who are not avid comic readers hence they calling for a back-up to link to the hero so common folks will link him instantly to the mainstream Avengers. This could backfire easily as people will feel that Ant-Man is too small to be taken seriously too. After all, Scott Lang did said this to Hank Pym, “Shouldn’t we just call The Avengers?” in the latest TV spot.

The movie is set to crawl into cinemas on 17 July 2015.

via Marvel

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