If you’ve been wondering what the Enterprise was going to look like in Star Trek Beyond, these new videos show off the interior of the ship!

The videos are interviews courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, who released interviews of the cast while on the set of the U.S.S Enterprise. The videos mostly talk about certain aspects of the film and their characters, all three of which you can watch below.

For starters Karl Urban (Bones) states that the crew of the Enterprise was two years into their mission when the movie starts, with the ship reflecting the years of wear its sustained over its service. He also talks about their uniforms.

John Cho (who plays Sulu) on the other hand explains that the crew was starting to get homesick and starting to get sick of each other around the time the movie starts. Sulu also has a baby, who is rumoured to be Demora, who is the daughter of Sulu in Star Trek Generations.

Star Trek Beyond will be hitting theatres 22 July 2016.