Transformers the movie

Forget the crap that Michael Bay has churned over the last couple of years. The definitive Transformers movie is STILL the 1986 animated movie that made many a boy cry and came with an awesome theme song from rock hair band Lion.

The unholy mess that was the Michael Bay Transformers movies has ruined many 80s and 90s kids childhood with their messy plots, and recycled scenes. So it’s about time we got ourselves a proper Transformers movie.

And our prayers might be answered as it has been confirmed officially that a new animated Transformers movie is in the works. The upcoming animated feature will be produced by Boulder Media Studio, a subsidiary of Hasbro, and it will be the first of a series of animated features for the franchise.

If you’re hoping for some Transformers G1 loving, you’ll be disappointed though as the animated movies will slot into the continuity that’s been built up with the live action movie universe.

Not to say that’s entirely bad as the animated movies will have a chance to repair whatever damage Michael Bay has inflicted onto the franchise. Since no details or even cast and crew have been announced, Boulder might want to think carefully about who they’re bringing in to run these movies.

And yes, though we know this is an obvious move to sell more toys, that doesn’t mean they have to throw quality down the drain. So here’s hoping we’ll be getting some decent animated Transformers movies in the future.