Kingsman The Golden Circle_2sht_MainKeyart

It’s just a week away from the release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle in cinemas but there’s still more teasers and clips being released to promote the movie.

The latest one is a new TV 37 second TV spot packed with action and not exactly anything new we haven’t seen yet. It’s nice though to see a lot more of Colin Firth and Julian Moore but and with the movie just a week away for release, this TV spot just makes the wait a lot more unbearable.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the sequel to the hit movie Kingsman: The Secret Service that was released back in 2014. Based on the comic book The Secret Service by Mark Millar, the original movie was a big hit internationally, grossing over US$414 million.

And while the original movie was loosely based on Mark Millar’s original comic, Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be a totally original story as there was no sequel to The Secret Service comic book.