Official site for Mobile Suit Gundam Origin uploaded several new visual keys and details for the second episode. The episode, titled Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin II: Artesia’s Sorrow/機動戦士ガンダム ORIGIN II 哀しみのアルテイシア is set to be screened at the cinemas on 31 October 2015 and the subsequent Blu-Ray/DVD release will arrive on 7 November.

It is the second iteration of the four parter OVA project based on legendary mangaka’s Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (Macross, Mobile Suit Gundam) work. The story talks about the history of Red Comet or Char Aznable from his humble beginnings to the status of being the bitterest nemesis of another legend, Amuro Rey the Gundam pilot.

Original illustration by mangaka Yoshikazu Yasuhiko


The episode’s director will be Nana Harada, with scripting done by Katsuyuki Sumisawa. Chief Animation Director will be Hiroyuki Nishimura and Mechanical Animation direction is under Takuya Suzuki. Planning and production of the OVA fell naturally unto the lap of veteran Sunrise Studio. Voice actors/actresses are Shuichi Ikeda as Eduoard Mass, Megumi Han as Sayla Mass/Artesia, Toshihiko Seki as Char and Toru Furuya as the Amuro Rey.

The sales of first episode OVA breached respectable 61,253 copies so the reception is pretty good so far.

via Official Facebook Page

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