John Watson & Friday
John Watson & Friday

We have a new visual key for Noitamina’s Project Itoh’s Empire of Corpses, which is showing the main characters, namely protagonist John Watson and Friday the corpse record-keeper. With their suits, they certainly invoke the feel/mood of the story that takes place in old London during the Victorian era. The original author manages to write a 30 page introduction for Empire of Corpses novel before he passed away. Later on, award winning novelist Toh EnJoe took up the project and finished the story, with the novel winning special awards in the SF Taisho Awards and Seiun Awards.

The main players in Empire of Corpses
The main players in Empire of Corpses

The director will be Ryotara Makihara (Hal) and animation production is in the hands of Wit Studio (Owari no Seraph, Assassination Classroom). With famous fictional characters showing up in the story, it remains to be seen how this will translate into big screen. The official synopsis is about the historical cyberpunk story follows medical student John Watson, of Sherlock Holmes fame, tracking down Dr Frankenstein’s “corpse resuscitation technology.


In conjunction with the current development, a new Project Itoh poster is now up. The poster features spliced key visuals of Genocidal Organ, Harmony and Empire of Corpses with their respective taglines. Genocidal Organ tagline is “Hell is within this mind”; Harmony’s is: “My heart rejects happiness”; and the tagline for Empire of Corpses is: “The forbidden craft to bring you back.”

The taglines gave some hint of what to expect from the movies – gloomy, serious and dark storytelling with strong philosophical tilt.

The movies will be shown in succession at Japanese cinemas beginning October 2015.

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