The Japan-only event Nintendo Direct event which happened not long ago had Capcom show off an announcement trailer for Monster Hunter’s latest chapter – Monster Hunter X ( it means Cross here). You can check out the new features such as character classes, weapons, monsters and attack combos with every existing weapon in the game’s arsenal. Some fans even pointed out that the traditionally unsexy Gunner has been tweaked to be more “appealing” here.

Capcom definitely took a lesson or two from the DMC franchise and made the attacks visually cooler in the new game. Action is fast and furious, plenty of space and opportunities to show off in loud way. Some areas might look familiar to the veterans of the franchise such as the original Monster Hunter village from G and 3 Portable for example.

The Japanese company said it will be ready for “Winter 2015″ which pretty much means end of this year for 3DS platform.

So far, no words if the game will be available on international market though. The last game, Monster Hunter 4 is launched at Japan on September 2013 before it is internationally released as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in February 2015.

via Capcom Youtube

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