His machinations having come to a fruition, Nicol Bolas has come to Amonkhet to claim his perfect zombie army, the Hour of Devastation is at hand!

The new set is the second part of the Amonkhet Block, and try as they might The Gatewatch have been defeated by the giant dragon and his army of zombie Eternals. But a new planeswalker has entered the fray, as Samut’s spark has ignited. What now lies in store for our heroes?

Like every set, Hour of Devastation has some new and not-so-new mechanics coming to play.


Previously seen in the Kaladesh block, Exert allows you to use special abilities in return for the creature staying tapped for an extra turn.


This popular, long-time mechanic is back, allowing you to discard a card to draw a new one if you’re in a pinch.


Creatures get a second chance to serve, returning to the battlefield as 4/4 zombie versions of their former selves


This ability makes your opponent lose life if your creature becomes blocked.

Deserts Matter

This set is home to a lot of cards that give you bonuses when you control a Desert or you have a Desert in your graveyard.

Hour of Devastation hits the market 14 July 2017, do check out your friendly neighborhood game stores to pick up the latest expansion in the Magic the Gathering universe!