A Zelda movie? Pokemon? Samus? The possibilities are endless!

While it’s fun to speculate, there is as yet no news on which of their famous properties the film might be based on. Nintendo is planning to sell most of its stake in the Seattle Mariners baseball team later this year and use the cash to fund production of a new film.

The company is in talks with various film studios, but has not announced any decisions. It might be CGI. It might be live action. It might get a theatrical release, or go straight to DVD.

Nintendo has had film IP development done in the past, but only one theatrical film has been released from their games – the critically panned 1993 live action film Super Mario Bros – except for course for the Pokemon films.

Nintendo’s sales are doing poorly in recent times as the recent end of year season saw it fail to place well among competitors Sony and Microsoft in the console department. It will be launching a new handheld called the NX next March, and with the baseball team sale finalizing in September, this may mean we’ll have some kind of broad push to get Nintendo IPs out of the door for next year.