A year in to it’s release, No Man’s Sky is getting its third major update.

The new update is called Atlas Rises, and it’s going to hit both the PS4 and PC. Among the biggest features the new expansion brings is implementation of multiplayer features, a revamped quest system, fixed galactic economy, a good 30 hours of story and the ability to edit terrain.

With the new update, players will now be able to salvage crashed freighters, fly close to the ground on planets and land ships without being kicked out from the cockpit. It’s great that Hello Games really is listening to the player base and adapting the game; and they’ve responded well, especially in providing more lore and interactions within the existing game

You’ll be able to see the new changes in the expansion trailer below!

If you haven’t get grabbed No Man’s Sky, you can grab it on sale for GOG,, the Humble Store, the PlayStation Store  and  Steam .