Everyone needs juice nowadays. If the mad rush to buy Xiaomi’s hot cake Mi Power Banks are any indication, I’d say the world has gone power hungry. Here’s on for Apple users though. A handy device called NomadPlus converts the iPhone power plug into a portable battery pack. Cool? Read on.

Nomad calls its unique device a “battery upgrade.” The NomadPlus slips over your Apple power plug. You then plug the device into the wall where it will charge up the portable battery. It will also charge your iPhone (or any other USB device) when required. It weighs just 60g.

The NomadPlus has a 1,500mAh capacity and will charge a dead iPhone to about 70% charge. Output is 5V/1A.

The device is available for pre-order at US$39, and shipping is expected to start from 30 November 2014.

Source: Slashgear