The Star Wars panel at SDCC 2015 did not show any new trailers or video clips of the movie. But gave us something more magical, the behind the scenes footage of the film. J.J Abrams kept his word that practical effects will be used for The Force Awakens and it shows here.

From the flaming wreckage of TIE Fighter to the full cockpit of Millennium Falcon, audiences will have a sense of scale and tactile feel which is sorely missing from the big summer blockbusters like Jurassic World recently. The physicality is strong and even the best CG cannot equal to that feel.

We have snippets of an aged Han Solo but he still looks commanding , a first look at Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia (or General right now), a close-up of Nien Nunb, marking his truimphant return to Star Wars universe. A surprise for the fans is to see Simon Pegg shows up as some alien character, looking giddy to be part of the universe. And fast cut of Maz Kanata’s actress in motion starring Lupita Nyong’o plus many, many more.

The movie is set to awaken the cinemas on 18 December 2015.

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