We now have a glimpse of the new Stormtroopers as seen in The Force Awakens, offering some insight on the origin of the First Order via the exclusive action figure unveiled at San Diego’s Comic-Con. IGN’s Eric Goldman tweeted this photo that explains about the First Order on its boxset.

The package’s description is very detailed, explaining the history of Stormtroopers and what happened to them after their Emperor’s demise in The Return of the Jedi. The description emphasizes that the troopers are participating in a “new era of ruthless brutality”. They don’t look very different from the old Stormtroopers but they are slightly modified in a cosmetic sense, and have been upgraded according to the sources. Hopefully this means they able to aim better compared to their predecessors.

Hasbro will be showing off the rest of the toys at Comic-Con ahead of their September release. The movie is set to hit the cinemas on 18 December 2015.

Source: Twitter

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