NHK announced recently that the “Nyanbo” cat version of the ever popular “Danbo” carboard robot from Kiyohiko Azama’s Yotsuba&! manga is getting its very own TV anime that’s set to premiere this October.

The anime series will be produced by Shirogumi Inc. the same folks behind Stand By Me Doraemon, Moyashimon and Antique Bakery. Each episode will only be five minutes long and is part of a “mini anime” corner program on NKH-E TV.

The original manga follows the everyday life of a little girl named Yotsuba and her father after they moved to a new town; their 13th volume shipped last November with over 10 million copies of the manga sold as of 2013.

nyanbo_1Danbo has already inspired quite a few bits of merch, from battery chargers, cameras, bags and of course a variety of collaborative figurines.


Speaking of figures, the first set of 10 “Nyanbo” characters came out in November last year, and we’re expecting the 2nd set to hit the market in May.

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