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Oculus VR is hoping for developers to produce games for Samsung Gear VR by releasing its mobile software development kit on its website so developers can make games immediately.

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The company has been pushing the mobile variant for some time now after being purchased by Facebook not long ago. Samsung Gear VR is a holster that converts the Galaxy Note 4 into a head mounted display. The South Korea giant has already made the Gear VR available for pre-order for the price of USD200 basic and USD250 bundled with a Bluetooth controller.

According to the blog post on the Oculus site, “The initial version of the Oculus mobile SDK is specifically designed for the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition on Note 4,” it adds, “Includes everything you need to get started developing for mobile. We’ve been working on the mobile SDK for over a year in collaboration with Samsung, optimizing the Note 4 tech stack to deliver the first ultra-low latency, mobile virtual reality headset.”

Will the VR headset gaming scene hit mass adoption?

Via: Oculus VR 
Images: Samsung

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