Heads up fans, ODEX is screening Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale this 22 April!

Thankfully, despite the chances that Malaysia might be blacklisted from more anime movie releases, we’re getting another chance to catch the movie. The one-day-only screening  on 22 April will set Malaysians back a good RM150, but will include heaps of SAO goodies on top of their movie ticket. Fans in Indonesia and Singapore will be getting similar kits with their tickets and their screenings will also be on the same day.

Some of the loot includes post cards, illustration boards, 35mm filmstrips, paper bags and autograph cards as well as the Sword Art Online: Hopeful Chant novella that was handed out to moviegoers in Japan during the film’s third week of screening.

Also, this version of the movie has certain scenes re-drawn to higher resolution and is uncensored, which means you can now see the full version of Asuna’s “bathroom scene” which was previously cut.

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale originally opened 18 February in Japan. Movie tickets can be purchased here.